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This is where my magic happens✨⋆

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Lex and Friends~

I am currently a casual retired college nerd studying in the fields of arts, animation and other boring collegey things~~

I work as a book organizer in my college library.
(Which surprisingly pays well.)

My many enjoyments include drawing, watching cartoons, petting kitties, eating and going on little outdoor adventures with by buddies.

I'm a bit of an out going person who is always filled with energy in the day time. I can be very sociable and would most of the time hang out with my friends and do some have fun things together. So basically if you like to draw, watch cartoons, play video games, collect Pokemon things, listen to 90's rock or tachno, parties, sweets, hikes, beaches, cons, stockings, pumkin spice, stuffed animals, rainbows, cute clothing, Wander Over Yonder, or is not an A-hole then you are automatically my pal! ;D

In person i have golden brown and somewhat curly hair (I mostly prefer to have it in a ponytail) I'm sort of on the average size for a girl. My clothing of choice are usually beanies and T shirts with silly little pictures on them. Also I am a HUGE dork for striped stockings! (I Just love how they look on my legs) T^T

I also like making friends with a lot of people and one of them being Zecknot, who is also my guyfriend.❤

As for my cuddly little devil named Lex she's basically just me as a furry, except slightly more awesome.. :/

ANNDDD that's it, sorta.

One last thing: I really don't like to get mad, So don't give me a reason to...

Tata for now~! *blows a kiss*


124 deviants said chocolate~ 8Q
37 deviants said peanut butter~ 8Q


Thu Apr 12, 2018, 3:37 PM
Hey, ya wanna here the most annoying sound ever?
Tue Apr 10, 2018, 7:29 PM
Great, now "shout" sounds weird!
Sun Apr 1, 2018, 2:50 PM
Shout shouts shouting shouter shoutie spout sprout pout doubt trout shoutness shoutly crout shout.
Sun Apr 1, 2018, 2:47 PM
ebic 7 grand dad
Sun Apr 1, 2018, 11:35 AM

My Faves<3

Bring Us A Dream by ARealTrashAct The Great Wall of Gumshoos! by MAST3R-RAINB0W
Pocket Camp by Wi-Fu Aria by Pearl-Chan0415
Pick your style by Zecknot couple sketch commission 2 by Ponacho

I like these♥



Tea Parties, Cakes and Ponies~

Sat Apr 21, 2018, 4:02 PM


Three of the most gayest things that i've did this month~

Who knew tiny sandwiches and tea would be this delicious!
Just the other day two of my friends dragged me along
for a little girl's day, and what's more girly than tea?..
Well a lot of things really, but tea is a pretty feminine drink.
First place we went to was a little cafe that was tucked away behind
a couple of buildings. It looked a lot prettier inside than it did out.
And it did felt a little strange being some 20 year olds
surrounded by mostly elderly women. Or maybe that's just me.. :T
The sandwiches and macarons were good, but the teas
were HELLA GOOD MAN. Like drinking a cinnamon roll  straight
from a cupHeart My friends teas were good, but not as
good as mine. (of course~) 

So yeah, a very nice place and chill all around.

But we were in another tea mood so the week after we
drove to different cafe and had lunch there. At least this one
wasn't far away from our town, and it's close to where
my mom works. (good thing she wasn't working on that day pfft)
The tea wasn't as good as the other place, but the cafe was
pretty damn fancy looking! It was like China and Britain
merged into one mega country. And just to take the fancyness
with you they had tea pots for sell as well. 

...I'll get that elephant shaped tea pot next time...
(once i have enough money that is -snarl-)

As if we weren't already stereotypical girls enough...
Afterwards we went horseback riding around the mountains.
The horses there were super adorable. There was even one 
with white patches around its eyes. Looked like it was
wearing glasses ahh ;D, but my friend picked the horse
to ride on before i could... (you'll pay for this!)
So (like always) i just settled for the second best one.
We took the horses out for a spin. If they had driving licenses
for horses i'd have mine ripped up right in front of me..
We had a nice walk thru the mountains with our horses.
If you consider jittering up and down as a nice walk.
The horse i rode on started booping me in the back once
i got off. Probably still pissed at the training part... <:T

Oh well~ I like cats anyways!

So that's enough girlyness for one day.

OH, and i only have a few weeks left til my core
membership goes *poof*. If ya want a free pic for cheep you 
can just give me a one month membership.

...I'll wait...


I'll eat my candy with the pork and beans

Excuse my manners if i make a scene ~

Listening to: Weezer - Pork and Beans
Watching: Duck Tails
Playing: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Drinking: Rose Tea


That's Ms. Lex to you!
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Favorite visual artist
You of course! <3
Favorite food
DO freaking NUTS @0@
Favorite movies
Wreck it Ralph, Zootopia, Book of Life, Secret of NIMH, Studio Ghibli, basically anything animated
Favorite TV shows
Wander Over Yonder, Steven Universe, Animaniacs, Wakfu, Gurren Lagann, FLCL (Cartoons 4 life!)
Favorite bands / musical artists
Lapfox, Offspring, Pan!c at the Disco, Owl City, Weird Al Yankovic, Gorillaz, Avenue Q
Favorite books
Comic Books, duh 8P
Favorite games
Super Mario Galaxy, Pokemon, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Kirby, We <3 Katamari, Yoshi's Island
Favorite gaming platform
Nintendo yo ^-^
Favorite saying
Other Interests
Quoting SpongeBob



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