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Lex and Friends~

I am currently a casual college nerd studying in the fields of arts, animation and other boring collegey things~~

I work as a book organizer in my college library. (Which surprisingly pays well.)

My many enjoyments include drawing, watching cartoons, petting kitties, eating and going on little outdoor adventures with by buddies.

I'm a bit of an out going person who is always filled with energy in the day time. I can be very sociable and would most of the time hang out with my friends and do some have fun things together. So basically if you like to draw, watch cartoons, play video games, collect Pokemon things, listen to 90's rock or tachno, parties, sweets, hikes, beaches, cons, stockings, pumkin spice, stuffed animals, rainbows, cute clothing, Wander Over Yonder, or is not an A-hole then you are automatically my pal! ;D

In person i have golden brown and somewhat curly hair (I mostly prefer to have it in a ponytail) I'm sort of on the average size for a girl. My clothing of choice are usually beanies and T shirts with silly little pictures on them. Also I am a HUGE dork for striped stockings! (I Just love how they look on my legs) T^T

I also like making friends with a lot of people and one of them being Zecknot, who is also my guyfriend.❤

As for my cuddly little devil named Lex she's basically just me as a furry, except slightly more awesome.. :/

ANNDDD that's it, sorta.

One last thing: I really don't like to get mad, So don't give me a reason to...

Tata for now~! *blows a kiss*

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Something i need to say

Sun Feb 26, 2017, 1:23 PM

This might seem very hard to believe and i know a lot of you look up to me as this amazing artist,
but i feel like i have been completely dishonest with all of you for way too long. For a while now
i was trying to be like a certain artist who some of you may know. Someone who's hard works
were something that i always admired, and yet i've took advantage of.

I'm talking about none other then vaporotem!

If some of you have seen her latest post on Tumblr then you might of known by now, but i think
it's time i told you thru my own words. I truth is YES i did use some of her old art to make some of
mine. I took body parts, copied expressions and even claimed her old style as my own. I see now
that what i've done was completely inexcusable and i should of used my inspirations to make 
my own style instead of using someone else's. 

The same thing also happened back in like 2015 as well. I used some of her pictures to make
my art until i realized that this wasn't an okay thing to do, so i stopped and got rid of those
pictures. All seemed good, until i was pulled back into doing this again in the late 2016. It was
an addiction that i didn't want to get out of, and in the process i've hurt those who supported 
me and the artist who i pretended to be. Deep down i knew i was gonna get caught and i
knew that i was gonna disappoint so many people.

You know most of those newer characters that i made. Well what if i told you that they are not
entirely made by me? That some of their traits and appearances were "borrowed" from Vap if
you been around her art. Pretty messed up, i know, but to tell you the truth  i actually like
drawing some of my raccoons and i think my baby dragons are kind of cute, but i know most
of them were ripped off from her characters and i don't want anyone to think that that's just
what they are whenever i draw them. I want to gradually change them anyway i can, like
appearance, colors, clothing, make more new characters how i want them to be. Whatever it
takes to make them unique. Maybe if i can turn those characters that i copied into something
more original with their very own personalities and own interests then maybe i can be
confident enough to not use other's characters.

This has happened with some of my fannon characters.

Sometimes whenever i draw i get stuck, i feel intimidated, i draw the same body part or
expression until i get it right, but sometimes i never can so i take short cuts instead.
When i do get it right however i 
would usually question whether it's good or not. That's
kind of why you don't see a lot of my old work in my scrap page. 
But i guess that's how
every artist struggles with huh.

I always had this idea in the back of my head that i'd try mixing up styles to create my own.
That's probably what i've should of been doing instead of just taking someone else's.

I shouldn't let insincerities take advantage of me, especially when i'm very social IRL.
I need to find other ways to help me draw. Maybe when i have the time to think i'll try
to picture my next drawing and write down my ideas in a note book, 
like when i'm walking
outside, taking a shower or sleeping, 
and when i do get stuck i'll step away from my computer
screen and do something active until i do think of something instead of just sitting around
streaking my hair figuring out what to draw.

I think the other reason as to why i did this is because i wanted to give myself a
personality/image, something that others would know about and recognize. Just so people
would think i'm fun to be around and who would want to look up to me just like Vap. I've put on
a persona for so long when i should be letting people know who i really am. It's about time
i tear down this image that is so obviously her's. After doing some thinking i realized that i
who i really am. I am not Vap, or her personality, or her style. I love soft colors,
healthy foods, watching cartoons, riding on scooters, wearing cute clothes, fluffy things,
parties, stockings, plush toys, eating donuts and so many other things. 
That includes drawing too.

The worst part for me was that i had to keep hiding from her so she wouldn't know who
i was and what i've been doing right from under her. 

I don't want anyone to think of me of nothing but a copier because believe or not
i actually can draw. Most of my art even shows it. I have my own creations, i have
my own characters and i even had my own style, but still i kept taking from her.
An artist who i admired since before i had a DA account. An artist who's colorful and
cartoon-ish style were something that i looked up to and wanted to be like. 
(not in a literal since neither)

I left a big scar on my gallery but i'll try to fix it for the better as time goes on. 

The only thing i can really do now is to stop being like her and try drawing something
from my own mind like i did before all this. 
It might be tough, but i don't want to go back
into doing this again.

I should have never tried to deceived the people who were so kind to me and my art.
I know all of you deserve better then that. I hope i can be able to gain your trust as an artist
sooner or later. 
I mean i just became a legal adult last year so i think it's time i actually be
a better role model and stop going around back stabbing others.

I want to be that great artist that everyone knows i can be.

And i'll try to delete those pictures that i so foolishly copied. I might have to make some 
changes to some of my other arts as well.

Starting with my recent picture.

I guess i wasn't too clear on what i said here. Yes, I did took parts of her work without
anyone knowing and some of you probably think me and my art are a complete fake,
but to tell you the truth i
 actually do like making funny comics and colorful/expressive art.
I even like making my newer characters as well. Cartoons and colors were always
something that i admired WAY before the internet.

Their may have been a few bad apples on here but the rest were made by my own free will.
Vap and many other artists were just inspirational boosts.

I should have learned to separate inspiration with ripping off and i make art because i know
i can, not because someone else can. I learned now that
 inspiration should always come
before imitation, and that i should of put some of my work/characters into
developing stage before posting them to the world. Like how every cartoonist does
when they create their shows, which is something that i always want to do someday.

Hope i didn't cause too much confusion.

How long have you been watching me? 

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Mechsiggi Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
our art looks good and you have all right to continue it as you want and don't let people tell you otherwise! especially Vap!
CyborgChildOfPerkele Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow I can't trust anyone anymore. I actually fucking thought your style was unique and cool. I was inspired (well I didn't start copying others). But it was a big lie. (: Thx fuck you.
(3 Replies)
hootsoup Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Filmographer
What's going on??
(1 Reply)
Bulbasuzy Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Lex. Even though some people seem to be against you at the moment i just wanted to say that i don't hate you
or think you're a bad person. Y
ou must have your reasons to do this, but i do hope you can get past this and
make newer art that is 100% made you.

It actually makes me appreciate your original work even more now. ^^ 
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